Wake up Kiwis!
Wake Up Kiwi

About Us

Kiwis from every walk of life

We are united by our love of New Zealand and our great nation.

We are NOT political activists, conspiracy theorists or anti-vaxxers. However, we are concerned the ‘team of 5 Million” are being denied the truth.

New Zealand’s response to the ‘Covid-19 pandemic’ has been lauded around the world. Unfortunately, the universal praise for our government and it’s non-elected experts conceals an uncomfortable truth which adversely impacts upon the health and well-being of every man, woman and child in Aotearoa.

Every Kiwi, regardless of their position in our society or where they live in our wonderful country, has suffered an unprecedented loss of freedom. For what?

The orders and controls being forced upon us by our political masters have absolutely no justification based on the medical facts and proven science. Events here and around the globe since early 2020 confirm that we are being lied to.

How can our team of 5 million be successful if we are lied to about the rules of the game?

Our Mission

We appreciate that many Kiwis are reluctant to challenge the politicians and their retained experts. We totally understand that Kiwis really want to believe that our media is representing their best interests rather than acting as a mouthpiece for government propaganda.

Indeed, until relatively recently we also swallowed the facts we were given and preferred to believe that we were being told the truth. But as the government imposes even greater controls over our minds and bodies we started to investigate, and we were horrified to learn the true facts.

Our information comes from highly respected scientists, legal experts, investigative journalists and some of the finest doctors in the world today. Their opinions, and the wealth of data they provide suggests there are absolutely no grounds whatsoever for the current government strategy, which is destroying our businesses, wrecking our children’s education, ruining our health and well-being and accelerating our already appalling rates of domestic violence and suicide.

We encourage every citizen of New Zealand to now act upon the truth we have discovered.

It’s Time To Wake Up Kiwis!

“It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark”

– Howard Ruff

There’s a world of difference between truth and facts; facts can obscure truth.

Don't be coerced into taking the vaccine, it is illegal to mandate compulsory vaccinations.
It is an experimental treatment who's outcome is uncertain.

Wake Up Kiwis! You Deserve The Truth