Imprisoned for not wearing a mask: Benjamin Glynn speaks to RT

Aug 30, 2021 | Masks, News, Videos

Don’t like wearing masks? Neither does Benjamin Glynn. But his refusal to wear one, on account of his failure to accept Singapore’s right to make them legally mandatory, saw him treated like a terrorist, as he tells RT.

The return leg of Benjamin Glynn’s daily commute turned his life upside down. Violent arrests, a prison sentence and time in a mental institution followed, but he vowed, “I would do it all again, I don’t regret anything.”

Living in Singapore, the Brit and his partner decided to return home with their two kids, booking flights for May 31. On keen runner Glynn’s final day at work, he went for a run with colleagues, followed by a few drinks. On the train home, a passenger videoed him not wearing a Covid mask – contrary to the local rules – and uploaded it to citizen journalism website Stomp.

Twenty-four hours later, the police knocked on his door, demanding he come to the station.

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