NZ to have vaccine passport by Christmas

Sep 9, 2021 | News, Vaccine Passports

Meant for international travel, a debate looms for the country on how the passports will be used domestically, Justin Giovannetti writes in The Bulletin.

A vaccine passport is coming. New Zealanders will soon have access to digital proof that they’ve received a Covid-19 vaccination. Colloquially known as a “vaccine passport”, a government-run app will soon be as indispensable as a real passport for international travel. Many countries already require them to sit at a bar or attend a sports game. You can’t climb the Eiffel Tower without one.

Qantas has unveiled plans for a travel passport that will make it easier for flyers to get going without needing to bring other proof of immunisation to the airport. Air New Zealand has said it won’t mandate vaccine passports, but expects clients will keep track of requirements. Proof of vaccination is already a condition of entry for a number of countries around the world. Just as you can’t board many international flights now without the right visa, the vaccine passport will be added to your pre-flight checklist.

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Source: The Spinoff

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